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The Benefits Of Having An Emotional Support Letter Handy

The number of people who are depressed these days is increasing by the day and in case you’re wondering what you need to do in order to overcome this depression and anxiety then one of the best ways to do this is get home an emotional support animal. A lot of people do not understand the importance of these animals and while some people believe that they are just normal pets the truth is it is medically proven that an emotional support animal can help you overcome your depression, sorrows and worries a lot faster than any medication ever works. 

These pets can shower you with unconditional love and make you feel very important which is one of the most essential elements in helping you overcome a sad feeling in your life. These days’ people are extremely busy and don’t have time for one another and in that situation it is a pet that comes in handy and takes away the emptiness in your life. One of the major problems with having an emotional support animal is that it gets difficult to travel or leave town because although most places are pet friendly there are still a number of places that do not allow the entry of a pet.

However the good news is that these days the government has approved that any person who has an emotional support animal can use the letter to get into places that do not allow pets. This means that if you have an emotional support animal letter with you, you can take your pet with you wherever you would like to as long as you have a letter to prove that the pet is for emotional support. This not only makes you feel more secure but it also gives you the privilege of travelling whenever you want to with your pet.

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What You Need To Consider When Buying Large Hamster Cages

Hamsters chew everything that comes their way, so you need to buy a cage for them. One of the best things about hamster cages is that you can find them in various sizes and shapes. These are just some of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for large hamster cages.

It Is Best to Find These Things

If you’re buying a large hamster cage,make sure that it provides proper ventilation so that your pet will stay comfortable. Plastic modular cages and aquariums don’t provide enough airflow. Wire cages provide proper ventilation, making them the most popular option among hamster owners. These cages, however, have limited protection against cold air drafts.The cage should be easy to clean as well. If the hamster cage is hard to clean, it will be harmful to your pet. Large hamster cages are easy to clean as they’re spacious. This also means that they don’t get dirty easily.

The security of your hamster is important as well. If your pet can escape from the cage, there’s really no point in getting a cage in the first place. The maximum space between every bar should be no more than 0.25 inches for a dwarf hamster and 0.5 inches for a Syrian hamster.

More Things to Know

Wire cages are ideal for larger hamsters such as the Syrian hamster. These hamsters can get trapped in the tubes of plastic cages. If you have a Syrian hamster, get a 15″ X 15″ X 12″ cage. In case you are planning to put another hamster in the cage, it is best that you increase the size by 50%. It is also important to clean the hamster cage on a regular basis. Avoid placing the cage under direct sunlight it can elevate the temperature inside the cage and harm your pet.

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This Is Why You Should Pick The Right Cage For Your Hamster

Hamsters are very popular these days and a number of families are getting them home as pets. While hamsters make great pets it is important to know all about these little creatures before you get them home. When you bring home a hamster you also need to pick from the right hamster cages for your pet. Although these pets are small and don’t grow that much, they do need a lot of space to move around. Investing in a small hamster cage is something that you should not consider doing mainly because hamsters are very active and they need a lot of space to move around. When you think of a large cage it doesn’t have to have a large base; the cage could also be a tall one with multiple layers for your hamster to play on.


The reason you need to get a large cage is because hamsters like to play and not giving them enough space means encouraging them to break out of the cage. When a hamster is bored in a cage, they start to focus on things outside the cage that could interest them and this can cause some serious damage to your little pet.

Selecting the perfect hamster cage needs a lot of consideration. If you are looking for the perfect home for your hamster you need to realize that just picking up an ordinary cage from the pet store will not work. You should select a hamster cage that is spacious and is easy for the hamster to move around. A hamster loves to be in motion all the time. They are the most hyperactive pets and you need to give them a home that is conducive to their movement. You also need to select a hamster cage that has good ventilation. Your hamster will move around a lot. The last thing you would want is for your hamster to run out of breath or crave for fresh air. You should always select a hamster cage that compliments the activities of your hamster.


Another aspect of a hamster cage that you should consider is the ease of cleaning. Making your hamster live in a cage that has not been cleaned for days or weeks is not the best way to take care of your hamster. You should get a hamster cage that is easy to clean and will keep your hamster feeling fresh as well.

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Choosing A Dog Kennel

People who own a pet believe that they are as much a part of family as anyone else. It thus, is important to give them a clean and safe place in the house that they deserve.

A dog kennel or a crate comes as a solution. Available in host of sizes and varieties in the market for different breed of dogs, they end up confusing the pet owner.

Choosing a Dog Kennel- Points to Remember:

There are a lot of things to consider before you decide to buy a dog kennel since it is going to be your pet’s home for many more years to come. Since you are going to place it inside or outside your own house, you would definitely like to choose a stylish piece and not that ends up ruining your home’s appeal.


The required size-

The size of the kennel is an important thing to keep in mind since it should not be too big or too small either. It should be big enough to allow the dog to move around freely, sit up or stand up straight without banging the head up on the ceiling. Buying a large dog kennel for large dogs is not exactly an intelligent idea because they do not get a feeling of safety or security in it.

Resizing the kennel-

A small pup will need much smaller space than a full grown dog. But it would be absolutely foolish to keep upgrading the kennel as the puppy grows. The solution is to use dividers. Dividers are temporary panels that can be inserted in the kennels to alter the sizes. They can be made of wood or wire. A wooden board or a cardboard can also do the job.

Choose between an outdoor or indoor model-

Before you decide to buy a kennel, you need to decide the area where you think you will place it. An outdoor kennel should be necessarily covered from all sides to avoid rain, heat etc. This need not be the case with an indoor kennel that can be more open and airy.


Size guide-

Here is a small guide to choose the correct kennel size as per the breed:

  • 18 to 22 inches kennels are good for breeds that are very small.
  • 24 inches is suitable for small dogs.
  • 30 inches is good for medium sized dogs.
  • 36 inches is for large breeds.
  • 42 inches would fit extra large breeds.
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