We have both e-copy and hard copy of the magazine. But for the people who are far, from other parts of the globe that is, you can have this magazine in your phone, computer or tablet.

#1. Once buying

This is when you want to confirm, or find something that you have heard it is in this magazine. You only need to have $1 and you will subscribe and get it on the very spot. When you need it again, then you will need to subscribe again for $1.

#2. Weekly subscription

This is for the people who are busy to sit down and subscribe during the week days. They therefore need to have the magazine ready everyday they wake on their phones so that they can read when at the jam, office or during lunch and break hours. It goes for $4 for seven days.

#3. Monthly subscription

For only $8, you can this copy every morning on your phone. This is a thirty day service with no extra charges. You can also subscribe annually for only $20 to ensure that you get the magazine all days of the year. This will alleviate you from buying regular which is costly and time consuming.

#4. Premium subscription

For each of the above stated categories, there is premium level subscription. This comes with huge benefits because it caters for all the staff members in an office. You have your own archive in our store where you can just ask us. You also have the privilege of getting updates before the news are even printed.